Friday, 27 January 2012

Jewels, jewels and more jewels!

Leather Collar: Jewels

Just some of my necklaces!
My shadow box with my more precious jewellery!
Nixon Watch
Necklace: Jewels
T-Shirt: Label Lab
Necklace: Jewels
Anyone who knows me, will know that I love jewellery! I tend to wear big statement pieces that instantly change an outfit. For xmas I got two awesome pieces. One is a leather collar with silver chunky pendant, it is really unique and can really transform a boring plain t-shirt into something really quite different! The other necklace is long, African piece, also leather with silver, it goes with so much, I just can't get enough of it!! I also got this Nixon tortoise shell watch! 
Have a good weekend everyone.
x x x Ollie x x x  


  1. Hey I just discovered your blog and I like it so far !


    1. Thank you! I'm trying to blog as often as I can! x